Q: How do I schedule a Photo Session?

A: Step Number 1- Email Us! Strawberrypatchphotography@gmail.com

Step Number 2- Let us know why type of photoshoot you are interested in. Give us all the information you want to tell us. Let us know about you! Tell us what some of your favorite types of photos are. What’s your favorite Season? Anything and Everything.

Step Number 3- After we connect via email we can set up a coffee date to meet each other, look at photos, talk about what you want in YOUR photoshoot and what YOU would like for YOUR photos. Because it’s all about you and your loved ones!

Step Number 4- We schedule your photo session! Yay!

Q: What should I expect at my shoot?

A: You should expect to see happy, excited photographerer! You should also expect us to have a plan, we will have communicated with you before your photo session about wants desires and if you want any props! If you have scheduled a regular photo shoot you get at least one optional outfit change. If you are dying to have more than that let us know, we can make it work. For our mini specials we will not be doing outfit changes because 45 minutes is just not long enough. Most importantly you should expect to have fun and enjoy yourself! We want this to be an enjoyable experience. When you are having a fun time we get to capture who you really are and that is our goal!

Q: What should I wear to my shoot?

A: The MOST important thing about what to wear is choose something YOU are comfortable in, if you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable! Also color is always a HUGE plus. This can get tricky with backgrounds and skin tones. If you are unsure that is what we are here for, ask us, text us pictures. We’ll give you the yay or nah! Also solids are the best with accessories. For example maybe, for a women a purple top with some jeans and maybe throw in a yellow polka dot scarf, the options are endless!

Q: How many images will I receive? Will I get unedited images too?

A: For all sessions, unless otherwise specified, there is not a limit on how many images any client receives. We take many photos and will edit and give you every photo that is the best quality.

We do not give unedited images because we only want to provide you, our valued client, with the best. The images that do not get edited are those where there is blinking or it’s blurry or the lighting is off or another million other reasons.

We LOVE photos and we totally understand wanting a bunch and we LOVE giving you a bunch of photos that are awesome!

Q: How will I receive my edited images?

A: We will provide a password protected link where you will be able to download your images for 3 months. You are able to purchase a disc of your images for $50.

Q: How long is the shoot?

A: We do not time our Full Sessions. So much in a session is dependent on weather, location and the client that we have found timing a session isn’t necessary. If we’re only shooting 30 minutes and we all feel like we’ve gotten everything we were hoping for then we’ll call it a day! If it takes 1 1/2 hours, that’s okay too!

Mini Session, Holiday Card Sessions or any other Special that we run a time will be specified.

Q: How long will it take to get my photos?

A: During the summer and fall for weddings it will be 6-8 weeks to receive all of your photos. For all other sessions it will be 4-6 weeks. This timetable is subject to change. Please let us know if you are on a time crunch for something and we will do our best to work with you.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel?

A: Please give us as MUCH notice as possible. If you cancel the session and we are not able to reschedule because of scheduling conflict then your payment is absorbed by Strawberry Patch Photography.  If we cancel the session and we are not able to reschedule your monies will be refunded.

Q: Who does what at Strawberry Patch Photography?

A: Since we are a sister team we are always working together; communicating constantly, checking in, making joint decisions on our Strawberry Patch is run day to day and of course, we both photography every Session and Wedding together.  There are of course exceptions here and there- Births, we shoot alone, the less people in the room the better, sometimes there are competing client needs and we will split up to make sure we can meet everyone’s schedule. 95% of the time you will see us both, shooting away.

BUT, we do each have our individual tasks. In a nut shell, Beth handles all of the technical business aspects everything from creating and maintaining your contract and client communication ( yes, that’s sunny Beth on the other side of the computer!) to handling our taxes,licensing and budgets. Allison takes care of all of the culling and editing, social media and mail correspondence, all those lovely packages were created in her home.

Q: What are we dong to GIVE BACK to our community?

A: We love Maine and we do not want to just take from it we want to give back and give to those in need.

This past December our Family lost the matriarch of our Family; our Maternal Grandmother, Grandma Stella.Our Grandmother was one of the Strongest, Generous, Brave, Courageous, Honest, Intelligent Faithful, Godly women we know.We learned so much from her throughout our lives. She was always such a huge part. She taught us respect, love and how to be genuine and unique. Our Grandmother was always so excited about our lives. She was always so supportive and proud of our decisions in life. (She would LOVE Strawberry Patch Photography.)

She loved the simple things in life… food, hugs, birds, flowers. We believe the best way to honor Stella Mosqueda’s life is to Give Back. I mean, this woman would LITERALLY give you the shirt off her back if you said you liked the color –so we want to give back something that always brought a smile to her face… Flowers.
We are taking 10% of EVERY photo session to buy and deliver flowers for Nursing Homes, Elder Care and Hospice.
She spent so much of the end of her life in these institution’s it’s only right that we try to brighten someone else’s day the way we tried to brighten hers with Stella’s Flowers.

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